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ECU TESTING TOOL the analyzer of ECS is well-desiged for top auto repair technicians.
It includes funtions of signal measurement, signal generatr, power drive; display  in both Chinese and English; simple interface, simple operation, easy to carry.
The instrument can be widely used in the field of fault diagnosis of automobile, automobile computer repair, automotive electronic control system teaching and other related field of automotive electronics.

The Examine-Analyzing Equipment of Automobile’s EECS and ECU

ECU TESTING TOOL , testing-analyzing equipment of automobile’s EECS and ECU, is specially designed for engineers who repair automobile’s EECS and ECU. It is a handset and also can be used at worktable. It includes electric-control analyzing equipment and signal generator. According to the common characteristic if automobile’s EECS, the equipment can simulate 8 kinds of signals to meet the demands of diagnosing work. Moreover, the equipment can simulate 3 kinds of independent, changeable signal combination at the same time. The equipment is designed on the basis of electric-control principle and repairing regularity, so it can also be a useful teaching tool to grasp Automobile-Electric technique in automobile repairing skill training.

Characteristics of the instrument
According to the diagnosis of auto site rules and actual demand, analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of original ECU TESTING TOOL automotive electronic control system analyzer, it has the following new features.

The unique characteristics of the pulse measurement and analysis functions: 
Based on the functions of real-time fuel injection pulse width and square wave frequency measurement, it increases function of the width and speed synchronous display and waveform analysis, which has very important practical value in the automobile field diagnosis,auto computer repair, auto repair teaching etc..

Real-time adjustable of the signal characteristic:
During the signal output time, the fine adjustment of amplitude, frequency, phase, the number of teeth, missing teeth number and shape index can be arbitrarily adjusted, which is greatly facilitates the judgment of fault of automobile computer repair process.

Signals multiple outputed:
The instrument is developed by adopting high performance microprocessor. It can output seven signals, which is convenient for the automobile repair technician to diagnosising and analysising the difficult miscellaneous diseases of automotive electronic control system;

Multiple information display in the same interface:
In order to real-time analyze the faul automotive electronic control system, the instrument is especially designed to display engine current speed when it is testing fuel injection pulse width at the same time; During the voltage analog output and oxygen signal simulation output,at the same time in the same interface it display current injection pulse width.
Using this function, technicians can master a variety of electronic control system of automotive engine associated data information in the first time.

Actuator comprehensive driving function:
The instrument can detect the injector, the automobile electronic control ignition module, ignition coil, a pulse electromagnetic valve actuators as well as other aducator when they are in different speed conditions.
This function is convenient for technician judgment or execution the device in the first time.

The analog output voltage and voltage measurement function:
According to the circuit of the voltage sensor, the instrument can analog output of 0 -- 5V DC voltage, and increase or decrease the amplitude of 5mV, which can be conveniently diagnose the fault of electronic control system associated with the voltage signal.
The instrument also has the function of voltage measurement, real-time detection of 0 - 25V DC voltage, data and Simulation of light synchronous display.
This function is very helpful for the analysis of automobile charging system fault.

The friendly man-machine interface:
Instrument adopts the most concise design idea, 128*64 liquid crystal display interface, display in both Chinese and English, clear logic of interface; panel show clear, the operation is convenient.

The practicl wiring configuration:
According to the special demand of the automobile diagnosis field and the automobile connector, combined the experience with making our other product universal group of accumulated, the instrument is equipped with various sensors common plug wire, can be very convenient to connect with automotive electronic control systems, which is easier for technician to work.



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